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Viral has a great deal of social responsibility imprinted in its corporate DNA.

This sense of social responsibility compels us to allocate a percentage of our team efforts into the noble cause of “Women Empowerment”.


Because our country, and region, are in a desperate need to unlock the female potential in their societies. This will enable our societies to enhance living standards, grow, and compete globally.

We believe that the prerequisite of gender equality starts with the financial independence of women. Hence, we approach the cause of women empowerment from a financial perspective.

Our program works under a 3 stages:

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Our efforts to empower women are manifested through the awareness campaign of #WeDareHer.

#WeDareHer produces compelling content on social media platforms that engages women from different age groups to take action and start their own businesses or invest in their individual capabilities, for the purpose of creating financial stability and ultimately enhancing their living standards.

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Our support is not limited only to creating awareness, we are also committed to provide assistance to any individual that chooses to take action and start her own business. Our assistance include the following:

  • Consultancy
  • Mentoring
  • Business plans & feasibilities
  • Market research

We will not charge for any of the support activities mentioned above, unless the scope of help goes beyond our allocation of effort and time.

Stage 3 – ESTABLISH!

By the time the candidate is at stage 3, we have known her in depth and shared her values and passions towards her new journey.

Now we are ready to help her implement her plans and get things going. Our spectrum of services will aid the candidate in the areas where she might lack expertise like:

  • Accountancy
  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Financial & legal advisory
  • Content creation
  • IT
  • Logistics

Bottom line is that we will handle things that might give her a headache from a business perspective for a monthly lump sum, while she focuses all her energy on the part where she owns the expertise.

We will also put our business network with entities and financial institutions into her use, so she can grow faster and gain negotiation edge.

Now that you’ve understood what the program is about; “WE DARE YOU!” to send an email and tell us about your project of passion.

Send us an email to where you describe yourself and the project you have in mind. We will schedule a meeting and love to chat over a cup of coffee about your ambitions and dreams.

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